When purchasing a new home or simply refinancing an existing loan, these calculators are an invaluable tool. Wondering which calculator will be the most help? This article is an explanation of seven valuable calculators and instructions on how to use each one of them.

Mortgage rates are ideal now for purchasing and refinancing. Use these simple calculators to help decide what the best move will be.

Five Mortgage Calculators For Simple Calculations

Calculators 4 Mortgages. offers simple and easy calculations with their many calculators. In addition to the calculators listed here, there are several more on the site. Be sure and check out the calculators not listed here.

Refinance Mortgage Calculator – A refinance calculator will show in very simple terms, if it is advisable to refinance. Don’t just look at the interest rate. There are closing cost involved in closing the deal. Sometimes as much as 2-3% can be calculated in closing cost. The closing cost must be divided over the life of the loan, but it is money that needs to be paid up front.

Amortization Mortgage Calculator – A amortization mortgage calculator will allow the person to see how much the payment will be and show a full schedule of payments over the life of the loan. The point of an amortization calculator is to show how the interest is reduced over the life of the loan.

Home Affordability Calculator – A home affordability calculator will allow anyone to see how much of a home price they can afford. With the information supplied to the computer, the computer will calculate an anticipated approved amount for purchase. This calculator also has a prequalification and mortgage payment calculator included.

Early Payoff Calculator – An early payoff calculator will show if it is a good idea to apply additional principal payments to the loan balance.

Closing Cost Calculator – a closing cost calculator will show estimated closing cost on a loan considering points, escrow and title fees.

Two Mortgage Calculators To Help Calculate Payments

Mortgage Calculator.org

Mortgage Calculators – A mortgage calculator is included with the home affordability calculator above, but this one will do the same thing and show exactly how much of a home can be purchased.

Extra Payment Calculator – The extra payment calculator is the same thing as a early payoff calculator. It is good to see which one of the calculators works best though.

Which Calculator Is the Most Important for Home Loan Mortgages

In the end there are seven calculators and they are all important. Using the Home Loan Mortgage calculator to figure the payment on the loan and the eventual Refinance Mortgage Calculator to obtain the lowest mortgage refinancing rates. Which one of these calculators are the most important? Every single one.