South London dub vendor provides Principia Dialectica obituary

September 30th, 2012

Dry your eyes mate. Condolences here.

6 Responses to “South London dub vendor provides Principia Dialectica obituary”

  1. negative potential Says:

    Hah! You guys are the Tupac Shakur of value theory.

    Officially dead, but with like a gazillion posthumous releases.

  2. Piero Air Loom Says:

    I tried to post a comment last Monday night, but it did not ‘post’. So I emailed to ask if you were closed to comments.
    A very protracted, staged, and stagey, closing down, yet your email failed the day after your first ‘Last Post’!
    Is this like the lonely hour of the last instance!

  3. Piero Air Loom Says:

    Does this new photo herald the dub version of PD? Are you venturing out on tour beyond London village? Or is it just fiddling while Rome learns? According to my Oxford Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases, in Roman history, principia were the general’s quarters in an army camp.
    Whether you had this meaning in mind, rather than just Augustine, Newton, and Platonic Bertrand, is maybe another rhetorical question.
    I might have asked less rhetorical questions but you’ve gone into hibernation!

  4. Richard Crowe Says:

    Sad to see you go but you were posting a bit too much and some of it seemed well… I had begun to wonder … and even hesitate to open some of them…

    but the design looked good and accessible…so thanks for that while Situationalist wide ranging thinking as necessary as ever…

    Thought doesnt die ( just systems of thought) …so doesnt need an obituary it just goes off to somewhere new…

  5. Piero Air Loom Says:

    No question of posting ‘too much’ lately! And the incredible shrinking blog seems to have fallen into the sea!

  6. t Says:

    Zionism is Jewish Nazism, and for you to refer to Marx and wanting to overthrow capitalism as you support Israel is vile. Good riddance! There have been many patently obvious examples of hasbara on this website. It’s too late for anyone to think you’ve been acting in good faith and have been conned. As supporters of Israel, you are the enemy. (And for fuck’s sake, don’t tell me I must be supportive of the ayatollahs, Evola, Hitler, or Stewart Home, to say what I’ve just said.)

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