Heinrich: the eternal return of capitalism

August 20th, 2012

The French translators of VIE ET MORT DU CAPITALISME, a collection of articles by Robert Kurz published by Editions Lignes in 2011 wrote that:

“Michael Heinrich, professor of political economy. In his book Die Wissenschaft vom Wert (Dampfboot, 2004) [The Science of value], has tried to demonstrate , starting from texts by Marx, that the Marxists were wrong to reason with terms of crisis which leads to the collapse of capitalism. Polemics with Kurz in the 1990′s.” [T.N].

2 Responses to “Heinrich: the eternal return of capitalism”

  1. Chris Wright Says:

    Deserves a bit more than that, no? That’s just a sound bite.

  2. principiadialectica.co.uk Says:

    This is a work in progress. Note a new PD category: ‘The Heinrich Files.’

    Negpot and the Libcom bores think it ends here but in actual fact its a work in progress – the sharpest critiques have to meet in forums like this and fight it out. The fact that there are differences between people like Postone and Kurz is incredibly important, and we look forward to help bring this stuff out to a wider audience than the class struggle bores at Libcom could ever hope to achieve.

    Unfortunately, as someone said to us yesterday, the stuff Libcom prattle on about is the same old tripe that was in circulation 40 years ago. On the whole there really is nothing new there, most of it is cock waving, all spoken in an idiom of a cult. Even the sharpest thinkers in that milieu, the characters flirting with value critique like the Endnotes people, are essentially primitivist morons. Why else try to resurrect a character like Camatte? They are praying for ‘the big Event’ when what they really need to do is get off their knees. There is a fag paper size gap between the Endnotes crew and the continental Tiqqun swamp – one bunch rate primitivist Camatte, the other lot Heidegger.

    This stuff has to be swept aside so new ideas, new critiques can come forward.


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