May 1968 celebrations: From the memory yard

August 2nd, 2012

The Burgin Beano: where the usual bores tried to graft 1917 onto 1968

In 2008, London’s Conway Hole played host to a celebration of May 1968. The entire show was organized by WRP Burgin. Principia Dialectica were outside, attempting to crowbar a few good people away from the dire politics of orthodox marxism. The brightest of that gang are now trying hard to bolt on a critique of political economy onto their defence of Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Che, etc. but a critque of political economy is not a critique of value. The Trot accounting firm of Watson & Leslie had this to say about the days non-events:” Dear Andrew…Even the pro-situ picket outside was fun, well done, man – Ben & Esther.”

That must be one of the biggest put-downs, to be called pro-situ by Waston & Leslie, who in fact are the biggest pro-situs in England, along with their friend called Heimat..It is incredible..Because our text which we distributed outside the Conway Hole praised the SI for its actions in May 1968, but was also critical of what some members had become, and we also tried to outline the limitations of the S.I.’s traditional marxism. It was a dialectical leaflet – something that the Trot accountancy firm of Waston and Leslie have never done.

But is is never too late for anyone.

PS. There were a couple of characters outside who spoke with some knowledge of Marx’s Capital, but a learned position from a viewpoint of the past is still no good. One of these was a stalwart of the so-called Workers’ Power tendency. What a dire nam for an org! A Party of Labour! Where is he now? Where are they now? No-one knows. No-one reads their turgid critiques on the economy. There is nothing to seperate the 57 trot varieties – what a waste of a few fine minds…with their robotic application of Marx’s ideas. During the Burgin Beano, it was unlikely that anyone inside spoke of the critique of value – it was still a few months before the economic crash of 2008 would hit. Inside, the Burgin Babes were busy celebrating an imaginary past, where ranks of Potemkin soldiers and workers were hard at work in their imaginary workers’ councils. A root and branch excavation of the stalinoid/trotskyoid/anarchoid dogma is long overdue. It is completely irrelevant to our world today.

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  1. D. Ware Says:

    ” but a critque of political economy is not a critique of value.”

    You’ve got it backwards. A critique of value is not yet a critique of political economy. That’s why Marx’s Capital has three volumes. Because there is no critique of value without a critique of relative and absolute surplus value, without a critique of fixed and circulating capital, without a critique of profit, without a critique of interest-bearing and fictitious capital, and finally, without a critique of the state (about which Marx, sadly, never got around to writing a book on).

    Tear yourself away from the frauds and poseurs who would have you believe that it’s enough to read the first Chapter of Volume I.

  2. Eric Dolphy Lives! Says:

    M Heinrich: The Cliff Richard of value critique.

    Unfortunately, the Jimmy Hendrix of critical theory has just left the stage for the last time. RIP Robert Kurz

  3. D. Ware Says:


    Heinrich doesn’t have anything to do with “value critique.”

    “Value critique” is the label self-applied by Krisis and Exit.

    Neue Marx-Letüre, homes. Neue Marx-Lektüre. It existed when Robert Kurz was still waving around Mao’s little red book.

  4. Fire eatin' Rusty Bryant Says:

    Most vulgar marxists are only concerned with the surface stuff (prices, jobs, ) and never go deeper.

    They are quite prepared to be happy to dish out their class analysis of society..And thus are not concerned with a critique of value..And if they do mention the critique of value , it is mixed in the class, job , prices mish-mash..That is the case of many trad-marxists..

    Sayz FERB

  5. Equivalente General Says:

    It’s ironic that you lament preoccupation with “the surface stuff”, yet you seem to think a comprehensive critique of the fetishism of bourgeois relations can content itself with a mere “critique of value”, i.e. at the level of abstraction of the first three chapters of Marx’s Capital, which Marx himself referred to as merely “simple commodity circulation”, in abstraction from the various determinate forms explicated in subsequent chapters and volumes.

    This is why the so-called “value critique” of the Krisis and Exit school is so dreary and dull: it does not aim at a comprehensive critique of the fetishistic social forms of bourgeois society; instead, it merely aims to substitute a few simple formulas and dogmas for the simple formulas and dogmas of traditional Worldview Marxism. At its core, it is still the same tired old ideology of “Marxism-Leninism”, just with a different set of “main contradictions” and “secondary contradictions.”

    In Michael Koltan’s apposite phrase, it amounts to a mere “Leninismus ohne Arbeiterklasse.”

    The “Wertkritik” school of Kurz and co. is a warmed over bean burrito past its expiration date at the local 7-Eleven.

  6. Says:

    Oh yes General Neg Pot, and meanwhile, in that brave breakout of yours, from worn-out traditional marxism, you have given to the world, erm, um…hold on a minute, it’s here somewhere…(frantic sounds of searching fade into oblivion…)

    And anyways, as usual, this is a complete lie, peddled to derail. The Exit/Krisis people make extensive use of all three volumes of Capital, as you well know. Instead of being such a crabby, sour-faced nay sayer, you would do yourself some justice by reading and reviewing the new books published by them on the crisis (Trenkle, Kurz) but because of this weird pychological kink of yours, you won’t admit how damn on the button they are.

    And unless you have got something of substance to say, bugger off.

  7. Equivalente General Says:

    LOL, U mad bro??!!

    You’re just trying to a set up a new set of idols, rather than engage in sustained critique. The proof is your irritability whenever somebody calls your idols out on their shortcomings.

    Check out Sven Ellmers’ Die Formanalytische Klassentheorie von Karl Marx,285.html for a rigorous understanding of Marx’s method of exposition, wherein the truncated superficialities of Krisis and Exit are subject to a fair but resounding critique.

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