X Ray in May

May 11th, 2012

Amazing scenes around Wasteminster; the police and prison officers on strike.. When was the last time these people were people on strike? It must have been a long time ago. (1919 – Ed) The coalition has brought this about – the worst government in years, apart from Heath’s 3 day week. To be governed is a real disaster. The master and wage-slave syndrome. We need a new form of non-government, that is to say a management of the entire planet by the people themselves. It will take time. Read Pannekoek’s text on Workers’ councils, it is not a blue print, but it contains some ideas. Anton Pannekoek was an amazing guy, he was an astronomer. All this leads us to an excellent prog on BBC 4 this week, on the first computer that was built more than 2000 years ago. First it was developed by the Assyrians, and then the Greeks took over that idea and perfected it. Archimedes was involved, the machine could predict eclipses. Some people hate computers, but they existed 2000 years ago. Greece was at the forefront of technology, today Greece is a real mess. The FLAME AT OLYMPIA WENT OUT – A BAD OMEN!


Over the last 30 years, the Saudis has distributed over $35 billion dollars abroad into projects supporting its own particular version of Islam.


“God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve”.

American redneck conservative commenting on same sex marriage , on Channel 4/ 10 May 2012. The backing of same sex marriage could cost Obama dearly. Mitt Romney, the Mormon candidate will exploit this vote. Once again the USA is cut in two.

Camel Light

Jonathan Dimblebox calls Vince Gable , Vince Camel on Radio 4. Gable is chuffed that the shareholders are revolting against the fat cat chairmen (and woman – at Trinity Mirror at least). The shareholders are exercising power in the Alice in Wonderland world of liberal capitalism. Utter balls. They want the chairmen to squeeze more profits out of the workforce. What a scummy ideology Gable peddles.

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  1. Parker Everett Says:

    “The backing of same sex marriage could cost Obama dearly.” This is actually unlikely. The people who would vote against him for it were never going to vote for him anyway. Americans, by and large, are increasingly supportive of gay marriage– which I should add is a conservative idea.
    More than anything, this is an effort to distract Romney from his focus on the economy.

  2. Parker Everett Says:

    In fact, important Republican public opinion researchers have been advocating a change in the GOP position.

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