Les Halles of Paris Revisited

May 4th, 2012

The character who signs Jean really has not got a clue as to what Les Halles of Paris were. He makes a cheap jibe. But in fact that place in Paris was life itself. You could find anything you wanted and fresh. It was also a lively area with street life, the cries of the workers…

The Surrealists, the lettrists, the situationists all sang that area. Indeed they drifted in there all day and night. It was a place where you eat cheaply and on occasion you might be able to pick up some work. It is all gone, as if the heart of Paris has been torn out. Now what is there is just a big nothing. A big hole…Maybe Jean can go in there and reflect on it..

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  1. Durruti Says:

    It’s true. I was there in 67 and later. Working at night also. Ate cheap and good. Sleeping under bridges in cardboard box was hot. With the “clochards” I know to get food and money and life was easy.

    But it was the atmosphere of the time. The counterpart of Les Halles in Barcelona was called “El Born”. Artists and bohemians were doing the rounds at night and breakfast with wine and cod. In 65 there was no lettrists or situationists in Spain, but the perception (l’√©coulement) of time was the same. We were back to the leftists and as if Franco was no longer. I back to Paris a few years ago and I see “the hole”. Like actually now in Barcelona.

    (This is a bad machine translation)

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