Arrogant Cameron toffs and a paltry million quid

February 19th, 2012

The living hell that is inner city life for too many young kids is exposed in the Guardian today.

And Cameron’s nasty party put forward a pathetic million quid as a fix to do something about it.

Because these chinless wonders don’t have to live with the reality of inner city poverty they don’t give a damn. It doesn’t register on their radar.

The only glimmer of light in this whole sorry episode is that we can guarantee Cameron and his cronies are heaping up the fuel for their own funeral pyre with such wanton disregard for ordinary people.

2 Responses to “Arrogant Cameron toffs and a paltry million quid”

  1. sid Says:

    may well be right. Everyone is saying there is another hot summer on the cards. From my part of town the simmering anger is part mixed with despair and resignation. That makes for a potent mix should anyone fail to tread gently over the next few months in that den of thieves.

    What’s missing is even a whiff of a credible revolutionary orientation from anywhere. Maybe that is putting the cart before the horse, but the best these muppets can suggest is ‘the right to work’ ffs!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Amen – I’ll second the bright side though!

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