Loach – the Ken Barlow of film-making

May 20th, 2009

Boredom is their speciality:

Eric Cantona is referred to as a philosopher – that sounds like inflation to us. His prancing around Cannes in a tuxedo made him look a peacock. Eric le paon! Only idiots will fall for such shallow stuff. “I am not a man, I am Cantona”, says alot. Many years ago another chameleon , ie. David Bowie, said he did not know who he was anymore as he looked in the mirror each morning. But it seems CANTO knows who he is; he is a product that can sell other products, like cars, shaving cream. It is laughable and yet sad . As for Loach he is an ortho-marxist of the worst kind, stuck in the classist quagmire whilst enjoying the trappings of the class system, like the film festival in Cannes. One thing is for sure: he will never do a film like Isidore Isou’s  TRAITE DE BAVE ET D’ETERNITE which was shown in Cannes in the early fifties and it even won a prize. On that day many people met . Debord met Isou and other young rebels. Those in the audience also included Eric Rohmer and even Jean-Luc Godard who hated Isou’s film, some say this was the beginning of Debord’s hatred of Godard whom he christened the most stupid pro-Chinese (maoist) Swiss.

Goodbye to Loach is the name of Principia Dialectica’s next film!

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