‘You are making the wall look good. Go home.’

March 1st, 2007

Said a Palestinian to Banksy, the graffiti artist on his visit to the Middle East in August 2005. Banksy thought he could meddle in the politics of that region as if it was Bristol, or Hackney. He is a shrewd media manipulator who has successfully co-opted radical ideas and turned them into saleable art. Early on, Banksy turned down the kings shilling when it came knocking at his door in the form of Adidas and Nike, who wanted him to endorse their sweatshop labour products. Today he finds it less of a problem acting as fool for the celebrity type King Lears who buy his work to decorate their restaurants and fashionable residencies. Many on the left admire him and wish they were him. It is laughable. Celebrity Madonna, who clearly hit every branch of the idiot tree on her way down, resides in England these days now that the lunatics have taken over the asylum back home in the good ol’ USA. She invests shrewdly in Mexican artist Frieda Kahlo’s work. Madge likes to ape it up as the country-lady. She refuses to let people use the public footpath that runs through her sprawling estate. If Kahlo had foreseen the future for her paintings she would have put them straight in the fire, but now they live a miserable existence, shackled to Madge’s palace walls, staring down at those gnarled and bitter celebrity millionaires in their hideous home. A real story of domestic gothic horror, worthy of a latter day Edgar Allen Poe…

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