More on Anti-semitism and the Left

June 27th, 2011

Salman Rushdie in Sunday’s Observer newspaper: ‘One of the likely consequences of the Arab spring is that al-Qaida immediately starts to look more irrelevant. It shows that this argument (which has been far too prevalent in the west) that there is a different set of criteria you have to use when you look at Muslim countries is bullshit. This is not an ideological revolution, or a theological one; it is a demand for liberty and jobs, desires and rights that are common to all human beings.’

George Galloway responded by called Rushdie ‘a renegade.’ Renegade also translates as ‘apostate’ in Arabic.

Galloway’s pals, the Socialist Workers’ Party, are holding their annual jamboree in Central London this weekend. On Saturday they are running a meeting called ‘The Road to Jerusalem Lies through Cairo.’

PD will be holding a reception committee to welcome them on Saturday. We urge anyone who despises the murky alliances of anti-capitalists and anti-semites to join us. The SWP is self-imploding under the weight of its own contradictions and now is the time to root out the anti-semitism that has established itself in the international Left.

The new constellations forming in the Middle East demand it.

2 Responses to “More on Anti-semitism and the Left”

  1. negative potential Says:

    Merely throwing about the label “anti-Semitism” won’t do at all; you have to demonstrate what is anti-Semitic. Mere opposition to Israeli policies isn’t, and most people around the world understand that. I think you won’t have much success trying to import the degraded German discourse on the subject into Anglophone countries, thank goodness.

    YIISA was a neo-conservative think thank whose director openly advocated bombing Iran. On a private discussion list on left anti-semitism I subscribed to, most of the participants weren’t particularly mournful about YIISA closing down.

  2. Sean Delaney Says:

    Neg Pot, if you are blind to the various alliances made between Leftist desperados and the various shades of anti-semites currently circulating, you need to take the blinkers off.

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