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May 9th, 2011

More on Jean-Marie Le Pen/The Maquis of St Marcel in Brittany and JM Le Pen.

J.M Le Pen also claimed that he had taken part in the French resistance , especially in the Maquis of St Marcel, around the 18 of June 1944. There were assembled 3000 FFI and 200 SAS. The Nazi troops were not far away, they could hear people celebrating. According to reliable sources a Wehrmacht officer even got in contact with the Resistance to warn them to disperse because an attack was imminent. The Resistance did not act upon this warning. Then the Nazis attacked with cannon, mortar. Many resistance fighters died. More would have done so if the RAF had not intervened to repulse the German attack. But there is one thing for sure, no one who was in St Marcel at that time remembers Jean-Marie Le Pen being there as a Resistance fighter.

Driftin’ around the Paris Metro

Jean Carmet, a French actor used to rent a priest’s cassock and drift around the Parisian metro reading Playboy, this is really funny, it reminds you of surrealist, lettrist, situationist pranks.
(Source: Jean Amadou, RTL, 5 June 2007.)


Olivier Besancenot of the “New Anticapitalist Party” in France throws in the towel for personal reasons, he announced this a few days ago. But really the reasons must be deeper. He did not get anywhere with his anticapitalism. Why? Because his critique of capital, was a critique of the surface, i.e. the class struggle. Besancenot could not reach the roots of the problem, that is to say help develop a critique of value which some people in France, Germany, Britain and elsewhere are trying to explore.. Besancenot has more in common with his mentor Leon Trotsky, from which the LCR , reconverted into the NAP [Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste]. still have not criticized fully. The chief of the LCR/NAP, a certain Alain Krivine ought to tell us what he thinks of the following: Trotsky in his book In Defence of Terrorism (Terrorism and Communism, 1921), spoke of the militarisation of labour in the Soviet Union, and he added “those who shirk from work will have to be sent to concentration camps”. Horrific stuff. Not exactly Marx and Engels. But a Lenin directive which Stalin , Mao, Castro based their world upon. The only thing for Besancenot and Krivine is to come clean on these matters.

The Salmond & Sturgeon Fish Party.

After their win in the elections in Scotland the SASFP is over the moon. They even put forward the idea that Scotland could go for independence. A truly romantic idea. But there is one thing that The Fish Leadership has not told their flocks and that is the reality of the banks. The banks in Scotland were saved by the UK government and State. Hence independence from the UK is a pipe dream.. Capital is a hydra, it can reach the furthest corner of the glens and islands. The Fish Party will disappoint its followers, just like Clegg did.. As Enoch Powell once belched -and it is probably the only thing we can quote from him-, “all political life ends up in disaster”, he should know , his did..

On Tracey Emin

“WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT I AM”. The Guardian, 7 May, 2011.
We have to say it does not look good. What a mess! Only idiots will be taken in. It must be the end of art as we know it. Her ex- the guy with the British Empire moustache is also a keen art pusher. But it is hopeless. They reckon they are good artists because they manage to flog of their poxy wares. The Grauniad journo Ali Smiff was taken in by Eminisation and finds it brilliant.

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