More on the Hungarian climate of fear

January 10th, 2011

A Hungarian journalist – Zsolt Bayer – who is a founder member of the Fidesz party which was set up by the prime minister Viktor Orban , has lashed out with antisemitic garbage against the British journalist Nick Cohen of the Observer calling him ;”a stinking excrement who writes from somewhere in England that a nauseating odour is floating over Hungary”, he then attacks other people like Daniel Cohn-Bendit and the Hungarian pianist Andras Schiff who had written a letter to the Washington Post to agree with a recent commentary about the “putanisation of Hungary”. Bayer then savages Bela Kun who with others set up the Communist republic of Councils in March-August 1919. “Unfortunately , he writes, they have not been buried up to their necks in the forest of Orgovany.”. Orgovany was the scene of the barbarous massacres perpetrated by gangs of the “white terror” , often with incredible cruelty against communist and social-democrat militants, Jews and peasants. (…). The right and the extreme right see in Bela Kun’s regime-he was Jewish- a betrayal of the national interests and the beginning of an historical catastrophe from which the country has not emerged from to this day.

Source: Le Monde, 8 January 2011.

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