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G.M. Tamás on Europe past and present

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

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‘the Bolshevik system – a system to which I was opposed, and to which I am still opposed today’

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Hungarian Marxian philosopher Gáspár Miklós Tamás takes on Andrei Plesu:

Counter-Revolution against a counter-revolution by G. M. Tamás

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

What form the ‘new’ fascism takes – a warning from Budapest. This article was first published in 2008. Unlike the revolutionary upheavals of 1953, 1956, 1968 and 1981 (respectively: East Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Gdańsk), the East European  régime change in 1989 did not proclaim a purer and better socialism, workers’ councils, self-management or even higher [...]

‘What then is capitalism, if not a regime?’

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

We are delighted to present, below, the recent paper presented by G.M. Tamás at the November 2008 Historical Materialism conference in London. His explication of the ideas of Alfred Sohn-Rethel, ‘the missing link’ in contemporary critical theory, is timely. As capitalism appears to be entering into terminal decline, Sohn-Rethel’s ideas urgently need reviving. To this [...]

Dick Cheney’s favourite Europeans

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Hungarian commentator G. M. Tamás illuminates the wild contours of the political terrain of Eastern Europe in 2007 in an article for Eurozine magazine. His focus on Poland reveals the shocking way ex-International Brigaders are being treated: “After the defeat of the “neoliberal” or neoconservative regime of ex-communist President Kwasniewski in Poland, the ultra-Catholic Kaczynski [...]